AFC Grease has high fretting-corrosion resistance due to a special additive and a urea-based consistency enhancer using a high-grade synthetic oil as the base oil.
Base oil: high-grade synthetic oil 
Consistency enhancer: urea-based 
How THK AFC Grease benefit industrial user in Malaysia?
(1) High fretting-corrosion resistance 
AFC Grease is designed to be highly effective in preventing fretting corrosion.
(2) Long service life
Unlike ordinary soap based grease for metal lubrication, AFC Grease excels in antioxidation stability and therefore can be used for a long period of time. As a result, maintenance work is reduced.
(3) Wide temperature range 
Since a high-grade synthetic oil is used as the base oil, the lubricating performance remains high over a wide range of temperatures from -54c to +177c .

THK AFC Grease

  • Brand: THK
  • Product Code: AFC Grease

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