Nippon Bearing ( NB )

Nippon Bearing (NB) is the leading manufacturer of linear motion bearings for mechanical engineering applications in Factory Automation, Transportation Equipment, Food Industry, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Medical Equipment. Now Nippon Bearing celebrates it's 74 year (since 1939 year) and NB can provide linear motion solutions to various industries in Malaysia as the total linear motion system supplier. Nippon Bearing has sold a lot of slide bush unit, ball spline, slide guide, spindle shaft, slide way, slide screw, actuator and topball to Malaysia industrial engineering market. NB allow you to setup your linear motion system in quickly. NB satisfy all your linear system application needs.

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Nippon Bearing NB Slide Bush TRK Type

Nippon Bearing NB Slide Bush TRK Type

- Wide Square Flange Type - Double lip-seal is available for size 6 to 30. What is the ben..

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