NSK GREASE LR3 contains a special synthetic oil for high temperature and stability, and a carefully selected antioxidation agent. This grease dramatically increases lubrication life under high temperature conditions.
It is used for high speed, medium load. Lubrication life exceeded 2 000 hours in the endurance test at 150ºC. Its rust prevention capacity in severe conditions such as water and moist environments is further strengthened.
NSK GREASE LR3 is a standard grease for ball screws PSS type (shaft dia. 15 mm or over), FSS type and VFA type. NSK GREASE LR3 is ideal for operation with medium load, at high speed such as positioning in high tact material
handling equipment.
Operating Temperature: -30 to +130ºC
Packing: 80G

NSK Grease LR3

  • Brand: NSK
  • Product Code: NSK GREASE LR3

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