Reason of why engineer like PMI LM Guide?
(1) High positioning accuracy, high repeatability
The PMI linear guideway is a design of rolling motion with a low friction coeffcient, and the 
difference between dynamic and static friction is very small. Therefore, the stick-slip will not 
occur when submicron feeding is making.
(2) Low frictional resistance, high precision maintained for long period
The frictional resistance of a linear guideway is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in a slide guide.
With a linear guideway, a well lubrication can be easily achieved by supplying grease through 
the grease nipple on carriage or utilizing a centralized oil pumping system, thus the frictional 
resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for longperiod.
(3) High rigidity with four-way load design
The optimum design of geometric mechanics makes the linear guideway to bear the load in all 
four directions, radial, reversed radial, and two lateral directions. Furthermore, the rigidity of linear 
guideway could be easily achieved by preloading carriage and by adding the number of carriages.
(4) Suitable for high speed operation
Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much 
lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the 
temperature rising effect is small even under high speed operation.
(5) Easy installation with interchangeability
Compared with the high-skill required scrapping process of conventional slide guide, the 
linear guideway can oer high precision even if the mounting surface is machined by milling 
or grinding. Moreover the interchangeability of linear guideway gives a convenience for
installation and future maintenance.



  • Brand: PMI
  • Product Code: MSD9M2LL+110LM

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