Since 1921, Strahman is a well known manufacturer mainly focus on Process Valve products, Wash Down equipment and Pre-Rinse equipment.
From Hose Assemblies to Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzles, Piston Type Sampling Valves, and Piston Type Valve, Strahman have the valve products with world-leading performance and value solve your complex problems and engineering application.

In Malaysia, you can found Strahman products in oil and gas refining, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, pulp and paper, mining, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, dairy and commercial food serving.

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Strahman M70 Series M-75 Water Gun Spray Nozzle

Strahman M70 Series M-75 Water Gun Spray Nozzle

If you looking for water gun with water saving & safety features, Strahman spray nozzles are the..

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